The Beach Promenade

The Beach Promenade near the Victoria Hotel North of the Pier in Sunny Beach

The Beach Promenade is the main place to move through Sunny Beach. In the daytime you use the Beach Promenade to get to the beach and your beachchair - in the evening you use it as the place to look for the evening's fun.

The Flower Street and Pier crossing of the Beach Promenade in Sunny Beach

This is the crossing of the Beach Promenade with the path to the beach and the Pier to the left, and Flower Street to the right. This is one of the main places to find 24 hour supermarkets and shops.

The Beach Promenade far South of the Pier in Sunny Beach

If you're looking for food, a cafe or a bar then the Beach Promenade is a good place to look. There are many restaurants and bars, and many of them have specialised in eg. UK, Swedish, Finnish, or German food so you don't have to be too adventurous if you don't want to. There are also many pizzerias, steakhouses and fastfood places, but consider trying a Bulgarian dish at a Bulgarian restaurant at least once - the food is not very sophisticated, but there is plenty of it and it is very tasty.

The Beach Promenade a bit South of the Pier in Sunny Beach

The Beach Promenade is lined with stalls selling every kind of product you could imagine - but be aware that the quality of these products is generally not very good. A famous logo on a shirt does hardly ever mean that the shirt is actually a genuine brand shirt.

There are many ways to try to make people visit your bar - this one is very Bulgarian because of the use of roadsigns

There are many more or less ingenious methods used to try to get customers to visit the bars and restaurants. A lot of flyers are handed out at the Beach Promenade. This three sign attempt is interesting in two ways - it uses street signs, which is a good symbolism of the current Bulgarian love affair with cars, and the Spanish word "amigo" is used, although Spanish is one of the few languages you hardly ever hear in Sunny Beach. Look around, see what tickles your fancy and have some great days and nights in Sunny Beach!


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