Flower Street in Sunny Beach

Flower Street from the Main Street looking towards the water, on the Southern side of the street

Flower Street is the only street in Sunny Beach with a name. Normally you have to use the hotels around Sunny Beach as reference when describing a location to others, but this is the one street with a name.

Flower Street from the Main Street looking towards the water, on the Northern side

Although Flower Street is mostly surrounded by trees and grass, there are flower beds on the seaside half of the street.

Flower Street halfway down-looking towards Main Street and inland

Flower Street runs from the main street and traffic vein going through Sunny Beach, to the Beach Promenade. Across the Beach Promenade intersection its continuation leads to the Sunny Beach Pier.

Flower Street is one of the locations where you can rent bikes and golf buggies

Flower Street is very much a shopping street, with restaurants, bars, all kinds of small stalls and vendors peddling very diverse things. You can also rent transportation that can give you a wider range to explore Sunny Beach in the section closed to cars. Twin bicycles and golf buggies are among the popular choices, but you also find electric scooters and even bike taxis.

Flower Street at the Beach Promenade crossing, looking inland towards Main Street

At the section closest to the Beach Promenade you find supermarkets, cosmetics stores and exchange stalls that are open 24 hours a day. The distinction between day and night tends to get challenged in Sunny Beach, and the opening hours help amplify this effect. You even find bars with 24 hour happy hours, however that works.

The Sunny Beach Pier at the end of Flower Street in the Black Sea

When you follow the path from the Flower Street and Beach Promenade intersection onto the beach, you end up at the Pier. The Pier was the Northern end of the Sunny Beach boundary when Sunny Beach was created in 1958 - today it's roughly on the mid point of the beach.


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