The Beach in Sunny Beach

The beach looking North from the pier in Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is focused around and along the beach - all 8 kilometers or 5 miles of it. This is the beach seen from the Pier at the end of Flower Street looking North. The beach is very wide and the water is shallow very far out from the beach, making it very popular for families with children.

The beach looking South from the pier

This is the beach seen from the Pier looking South. The tall building to the left is the Hotel Europa, one of the Sunny Beach hotels from the opening of Sunny Beach. The coastline to the left of the Europa is the beginning of the Nessebar peninsula.

Water fun in Sunny Beach

Daytime is usually spent on a beach chair or in the water. Many buy air mattresses and drift around in the surf.

Paragliding after a speedboat at Sunny Beach

There are many possibilities for more advanced water fun - fancy flying in a parachute after a speedboat?

A banana ride at Sunny Beach

Another popular beach activity is a ride on a banana after a speedboat up and down the coast.

Jetski fun at Sunny Beach

And of course the jetskis are very popular - going full speed, out in the deeper water, up and down the beach is a lot of fun and the ride of a lifetime for many.

Beach life at Sunny Beach

Behind the beach chairs for rent at about 6 leva a day is the free beach, where everybody can lie on their own blanket for free.


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